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Hand Stretches for Guitarists: Everything You Need to Know

One thing that is extremely important for all guitarists is flexibility. The more flexible you are, the better your guitar control will be. To achieve flexibility, you can practice hand stretches meant for guitarists. It can help you immensely before visiting a recording studio in St Louis Missouri, for a recording session.

Guitar Hand Stretches and Flexibility

Hand Stretches for Guitarists

A guitarist must always stay flexible to perform in the best way possible. However, the major problem is that a guitarist would also need to use their hands and wrist to do all the other activities throughout the day. But when you choose to play the guitar, you must inevitably use your hands. So, to avoid any kind of injury, you should prep your hands efficiently.

It is very normal to build up stress in your hands and wrists because we use our hands for a lot of activities. But as a guitarist, you must also focus on releasing stress and tension. For this, you should ensure a proper hand stretch routine. With these stretches, you can save yourself from any kind of injury.

Prioritize Your Comfort!

It is advised to perform guitar hand exercises so that you can stay flexible for long hours. However, there may be some exercises that can put a strain on your hands. So, you need to understand that everyone is built differently, and something may not be as comfortable for you as it may be for someone else. Thus, you should not compare yourself with others. If a stretch makes you uncomfortable, you should avoid it and try other guitar hand stretches.

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A pro tip is always to have a water bottle nearby when you stretch so that you can keep yourself hydrated. Even while packing to visit the recording studio in St Louis, you should ensure to keep a water bottle nearby.

Start With Your Shoulders

As you perform guitar hand stretches, you can start with your shoulders. The first exercise that you can do is some shoulder rolls. You should do this with both hands and try to bring your shoulders as close as possible to your ears. You should roll them down slowly and should do it in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. It can help loosen up your shoulders.

Another Exercise that You Can Try Should Be Done in the Following Manner:

Bring your left arm to the back of your head. Ensure that your elbow faces up. Try to bring your fingers down to the center of your back. This should make you experience a pull. Using your right hand, hold your elbow and pull towards the right. While doing this, you should also lean to the right side only. It is an excellent exercise for opening up your shoulder muscles. It will increase blood flow to the hands and help increase flexibility.

Stretching Those Arms

Stretching your arms is extremely essential, and you should not skip it at all. Point your fingers outwards and hold your arms at a 90-degree angle. To stretch your fingertips, wiggle them and try to stretch as much as possible. After that, hold the fingertips of your left hand using the other hand and try pulling it back. This should help in stretching your wrists. Hold this position for at least a few seconds. You can also repeat the same for your thumb.

Hand Stretches for Guitarists

If you are running low on time, you should at least stretch your arms before you start playing your guitar. However, it is advised to stretch your hands efficiently by doing as many hand stretches as you can.

If you have a good guitar hand stretch routine, you will feel more energized after it and will be ready to start the session. We should always listen to what our body says and try these stretches to open the body while being aware to not overexert oneself.

As one of the most reputed recording studios in St Louis, we at Kalinga Production Studios understand the importance of stretching and always recommend it to our clients. When you visit us for your next recording session, make sure to stretch and prep your body for the session ahead.

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