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Music Production Mistakes That Make You Sound Amateur

Today, everyone is aware of the oversaturation in the music industry, with so many aspiring artists and musicians trying to make it big. So, trying to prove your mettle when you have so much competition around can be a difficult task. Therefore, when planning to record in a St. Louis recording studio, you need to ensure that you do not make any music production mistakes. If your music does not sound great and professional, you may find it quite difficult to make it big. Keep reading to understand what you should not do during music production.

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Never Mix Tracks in Isolation

One mistake that a lot of people make is they end up mixing tracks in isolation. Every track is different. But when you pay too much attention to each one, it may start feeling overly done. The tracks should go well hand in hand. So, to understand what to do with a track, you need to hear it along with the other sound. It is because sometimes, a track may sound bad when you hear it alone but may feel great when you play everything at the same time. This would help you avoid sounding like an amateur. It may be tempting to mix them in isolation. But you should not do it because making everything work together is the right way to go with the production work. You need to consider the whole while doing the same.

Not Knowing About Basic Music Theory

As a musician or a songwriter, you may sometimes end up ignoring music theory when you start your career. But to enhance your music production, you must ensure that you know the basics in music theory. This would help you keep your recordings from sounding amateur. When you know about music theory, you can choose the right instruments and sounds. You can craft great melodies and ensure that your songs intrigue the listener. When you hear a perfect recording, you may feel like it is too good to be true. It is because the producer used the music theory to enhance the overall feel.

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Not Using Any Reference Tracks

When starting with music production, you should try to get some reference tracks before you begin recording in a studio in St. Louis Missouri. With a great reference track, you can make the most of things during all the stages of production. You can easily listen to a reference track and can create a great track yourself by getting ideas for arrangement, tones, and everything else from it. You should also focus on level matching while you use a reference track. You should hear the reference track a few times so that you can make the right decisions according to it and can create the same effect.

Not Appointing a Team

A lot of songwriters do not make it big just because they think they can do everything on their own. However, it is not true. To navigate through things and execute every plan successfully, you need a team of experts to guide you. As a songwriter, you may be talented in songwriting but may not have the right knowledge about the other aspects. And it is essential to hire people with the same vision as you but who are talented in their specific fields. Such team members can help you improve music production quality and network in the right places. This is essential to make it big in the music industry. Hence, you should try hiring the right people for your team.

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