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Common Sound Design Mistakes That Affect The Quality Of Work

Sound design has been known as one of the most interesting fields when it comes to music. However, there are several mistakes that you can make when you are working in this industry and this can negatively impact the quality of your work. If you are looking for some common sound design blunders that most people make and wish to learn how you can avoid them in recording studios in St. Louis Missouri, this blog is just for you.

Recording Studios in St. Louis Missouri

Neglecting Trimming

When you are crafting sounds, you may want to play them out endlessly, right from beginning to finish. However, when you leave the top and tail of the audio files untrimmed, it can cause less impact. Imagine if a speaker constantly pushes sound without any pullback. So, if you want to make your sound design impactful, it is crucial to trim all the unnecessary parts. It should be the calm before the storm, just like you witness in car commercials. So, go through your project carefully and cut out anything that does not feel necessary.

Overloading the Layers

You should also know when you should stop adding more layers to the sound design. When you have a lot of creative ideas, you may keep piling them on. But there will come a time when you will not need any more of them. When there are too many layers, there can be a muddy sound. So, you should go for a balanced mix with all the right components at the recording studios in St. Louis. If you notice that the sound starts to feel full, you should stop adding anymore to it. If you have many new ideas, you can add them and edit them in the end if you feel like they do not work.

Not going for Headphones

You may have great speakers. But most of your audience will not have such equipment to enjoy your work. So, they will rely on some budget-friendly speakers or earbuds for listening to it. Your mix should sound great in different systems. You should test it on such devices. You can listen to it on cheap airbuds, Bluetooth speakers, laptop speakers, and much more. You should even try it in the car. This will help you find issues that you may not have noticed when listening to it on professional systems. This will make the sound suitable for a larger audience.

Overusing Reverb

Reverb can help add some depth and character to individual sounds. However, if you overuse it, the mix may not sound great. So, if you want everything to sound amazing, you should learn how the reverb serves the entire mix. Just keep a check on which parts benefit from it and which do not. Adjust the decay times to make sure that you have a clean and engaging mix. Remember how we discussed trimming the tops and tails? Similarly, you should cut on any unnecessary reverb as this can help add more clarity to your work and the overall mix will sound more appealing with just the necessary adjustments made to it.

Sound design is truly a delicate art that requires a lot of attention and care. So, avoiding such mistakes will help you create an audio that listeners enjoy and play on repeat for a long time.

So, if you are planning on recording in a recording studio in St. Louis, you can contact us at Kalinga Production Studios. We provide the most suitable location for working on your mix, where you can enjoy your work with the highest quality equipment. With us by our side, acing your mix would become quite easy and convenient for you.

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