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Distortion Techniques to Add Character to The Mix

When you go for digital recording, it can provide you with efficiency. But sometimes, there may be a lack of character. You can go for harmonic distortion, as it can help make the mix more pleasing. If you want to learn about distortion techniques that can improve the mix in a recording studio in St. Louis, check out the information listed below.

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What is distortion?

A lot of people think that distortion is just about the fuzzy guitar sounds. However, it has a lot more to it. Distort means to reshape. The same goes for audio too. Distorting or saturating audio means adding overtones which can help add character to the mix. If you like some warmth in the music, distortion can be a perfect pick.

Technique 1

Different preamps have different characters and sounds. So, the character is the first thing that you should consider for shaping the mix. When you drive your preamps, you can efficiently introduce distortion. For driving the preamp, first use a plugin. Make sure to crank up the preamp knob or just boost the input fader. You also need to adjust the result so that there is a balance to it.

Technique 2

Console plugins are imperfections of hardware that can also add character and color in recording studios in St. Louis. Many DAWs have console emulation hidden in the reverb plugins. So, it becomes easier to add some character to the mix. You can try adjusting the wet control so that there is consistency. Experiment as much as you want with the console emulation. Choose plugins that can provide you with drive control. There should be different output models so that you can get various flavors of distortion.

Technique 3

Tubes and tapes have also proven to be useful for adding warmth to a mix. Several plugins can be used for emulating these classic sounds. Tubes can help with adding their distinct warmth to the mix. Just search for stock compressor plugins that come with built-in distortion features. Adjusting the makeup gain and mixing knob can help blend the natural and distorted sounds together. Make sure to experiment with several circuit models to find the one that seems perfect according to your mix. When you combine the tube and tape emulation, your recording will seem fuller. These plugins can result in a pleasing compression and sometimes in a subtle hiss.

Recording Studios in St. Louis Missouri

Technique 4

When you are adding reverb to the mix, it may not sound pleasant if it is overused. Hence, heavy distortion will only work properly if it does not have to compete with other distorted sounds in the mix. You can rely on an exciter plugin to add some brightness. Choose plugins that can add distortion to a particular frequency. Keep adjusting the knob until you find the distortion to be perfectly where you need it. You can use exciters on individual channels or the entire mix as well. This will help improve clarity.

Distortion Done Right

The key is to just go subtle with distortion as overdoing it may not provide you with the right results. It should just enhance your mix and not ruin it. Various compression circuits can offer unique sounds. So, keep experimenting as much as you want. Make sure to consider what the distortion does to your mix. It should sit perfectly with everything else. Remember to take a different approach for every part of the mix and put everything together in the end.

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