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How To Achieve Success on Spotify Being An Unsigned Artist

In today’s time, most people believe in streaming music using Spotify more than any other platform. So, when you create music in a recording studio in St. Louis, your goal should be to get the greatest number of streams on Spotify. It is an outstanding platform for artists who want to reach a wider audience. However, if you are an unsigned artist, you may find it difficult to increase the streams. So, let’s find out some tips that can help you achieve success on Spotify.

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Spotify for artists

Upload the music

If you wish to upload your music on Spotify, you may have to pay some amount, depending on the number of songs that you are willing to upload. When you sign with a record label, they will help you put your music on Spotify. But as an independent artist, you need to take care of this aspect on your own. You can also work with music distribution companies as they can make this journey easier for you and can help you get your music on different platforms. So, make sure to research well into which music distribution company will be suitable for you along with being reasonably priced.

Spotify for artists

If you have uploaded your music to Spotify, you can get a verified artist profile. This way, you can manage your profile efficiently and can also check out important statistics. With the help of the right marketing tools, you can make your music reach the right audience, and can also get it on the right playlists. A verified account will help everyone know that this is your official page. You can add an image, and some interesting information about you and your future tour dates as well on your Spotify profile. A verified profile opens doors to various promotional activities that you can go for to boost your profile and reach.

Personalized Spotify playlist

If you want to increase your number of streams, Spotify charts and playlists will play a huge role in it. If you want your music to be heard by a larger audience, you should go for the playlist. There are several official Spotify playlists but making your music reach those playlists can be a difficult task. So, you can even create your playlist and share music with other artists and yourself in it. If you want to create a good playlist, it should contain your music from other artists, and should also be updated frequently. The playlists should be easy to find so that most people can come across them and should also be shared on all your social media handles so that most people can become aware of them.

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Spotify for Unsigned Artist

Work with playlist curators

There are several playlists created by the editorial teams of Spotify, Spotify listeners, and playlist curators. So, if you want your music to be added to these playlists, you should follow a few steps. Firstly, you should get your artist profile verified. You can also share some of your unreleased music with the Spotify team so that they can get a glimpse of what you create in recording studios in St. Louis. You can contact playlist curators and request them personally. If you support other artists, they may also support you. Most importantly, it is crucial to always release great music and encourage fans to check out your Spotify profile so that they can discover the music that you create.

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