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How to Get Featured on Spotify Playlists

The digital music scenario is changing a lot these days because there are so many musicians working in recording studios in St. Louis. So, building a fan base can be quite daunting. If you want to get featured in playlists on Spotify, you need to connect with new listeners in the best way possible. Keep on reading to find out what you can do to increase your chances of getting playlisted on Spotify.

Distribute Your Music

You should make your music available on Spotify if you want it to be added to the playlists. For this, you can go for various music distribution services that will make your tracks available to potential fans who may be interested in listening to them.

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Different Playlist Type

There are different types of playlists on Spotify, such as editorial playlists, which are created by the Spotify team on different themes, moods, and genres. Apart from this, there are also algorithmic playlists that are created for every listener according to the music they listen to. There are user-generated playlists too, which Spotify users create. These playlists are created by individuals, influencers, etc.

Go for Editorial Playlists

If you want to get your songs added to the editorial playlists of Spotify, you can check out the platform called Spotify For Artists which lets artists pitch their unreleased songs to the editorial team. If you are going to release your song soon, you should submit it at least two weeks before the release date to Spotify. You can also share information about its story, genre, and why listeners would connect to it. There is a similar program on Apple Music as well which is known as Apple Music For Artists. You can get the same opportunity on this platform too.

Connect with User-Generated Playlist Curators

You can look for individuals, influencers, and bloggers who create playlists in your genre. You can connect with them by sending them a message sharing how your music would add a lot to their playlist. Also share how you connect with their playlist and its theme. This way, they may end up choosing your music and adding it to their playlist.

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Increased Chances of Getting Added to Algorithmic Playlists

If you want to get added to algorithmic playlists, you should ask your fans to stream, save, like, and share your songs as much as possible. Ask them to add the songs to their personal playlist. You can ask fans to do all of this through social media and while also keep in touch with them when you’re creating music in recording studios in St. Louis Missouri so that they are a part of everything that goes behind the scenes.

Stay Consistent

Getting success is not easy in today’s competitive world. So, you should consistently focus on releasing high-quality music that would connect with your audience. Your career cannot be made in a day. You need to work hard and also engage with your fan base to get the best results.

Broaden Your Horizons

Playlists are important in the music scene. But you should not just limit yourself to this. Instead, there are various other opportunities that you can go for such as live performances, music videos, collaborations, and much more. This will help you connect to new listeners and request them to listen to your music. Your main goal at all times should be to introduce as many people to your music as you can.

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