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Save Your Music Career from The Shiny Object Syndrome

Have you heard of the shining object syndrome? It is quite common among musicians. This syndrome is when a musician gets excited by fresh ideas and gear but does not focus on making quality music. You start focusing more on activities that do not add any value to your career and instead get lost in them. So, it is essential to understand when not to fall prey to clever marketing and when to get the required gear or things according to your needs.

Understanding if you have been affected by the shining objects syndrome or not is essential before you step into a recording studio in St. Louis to record your track. So, to help you understand better and make informed decisions, check out the information mentioned below.

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Gear Acquisition Syndrome

One of the most popular forms of this syndrome is the gear acquisition syndrome. In this syndrome, the musician keeps purchasing new gear for creating music because they think that the gear can inspire them to create great music. However, this may not be the right thing to do. Because of this, you may spend hours scrolling on social media apps and trying to find which instrument any musician uses. You may feel like the gear that you have is not enough and you need to keep investing in new items. But this would only result in a waste of money since you will keep investing in gear and not focus on honing your skill.

You may feel like you are doing the right thing for your music by investing in the gear but instead of purchasing it, you should focus on improving your skills and creating a hit track. You should not lose your willpower and instead focus on first releasing a song with the gear that you have before investing in something that you truly require for the improvement of your music. Focus on finishing the projects that you have started before moving ahead with anything new. Always think twice before spending your hard-earned money.


You may be planning on improving your craft by educating yourself. But education is not the only thing that you need for creating awesome music. If you keep going for different offers and advertisements that claim to help you with increasing your Spotify streams or creating a hit song, you may never be able to execute the plan. You should know what you need to focus on and should not be scammed by these things.

The shiny object syndrome can make you feel frustrated but to excel in your music career, you need to be mindful in choosing what you truly want to do. If a course claims to provide you with great results in just a few days, it is probably not correct for you. So, record a song in a recording studio in St. Louis and start working on it instead of wasting your time and energy on such courses.

recording studio in St. Louis

Social Media and Online Communities

You may have heard about how networking can benefit you as a music artist. But just entering every Facebook group and wasting all your time on such online communities is also an effect of the shiny object syndrome. Your focus should always be your music instead of networking. Networking is just something that you should do to keep yourself going but remember that you will only become successful if you keep improving the craft. So, if you build your value by growing your craft, you will become more successful than people who just focus on networking their way to the top.

So, if you are planning on recording a song in reputable recording studio in St. Louis Missouri, get in touch with us at Kalinga Production Studios. We can assist you in recording the perfect track that you need to kick start your music career.

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