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The Only Guide You Need for Field Recordings

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

There are various things in the world that you can record, such as the cycles and seasons in nature. When you are out recording, you need to understand what you are looking to capture. There are several ways in which you can record any particular thing. So, you should try to record them using your tools and enhance the effectiveness during post-production at a recording studio in St. Louis. What should you have in the beginning? Is it your equipment? No, the first thing that would help you is your ears. You may spend a lot of time listening to different kinds of recordings as a sound designer or editor. Do not listen to it through a device but through your ears. This way, you will pay more attention to it.

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Be Familiar with Your Recording Kit

If you plan to record near a lake or in the forest, you should prepare your recording kit well before time. You need to pay attention to the whole process and choose the right equipment for it. You should consider things such as where you should position the microphones or what things you should try to avoid. You should consider what you want to have in focus so that you can adjust mic placement accordingly. Without any real-time feedback, you need to be extra careful about how you can get the right perspective. You should record interesting sounds and events when you are out in the field.

Talk to the Locals

When you are out in nature trying to record, you may find different sounds at different places. When you talk to the locals, they can provide you with insight into what is going on at any particular place and where you can record the best sound. Even if you research on Google, you will not get the information that people who have lived there for so many years can provide you with. They will relate to the environment on a personal level and will help you add perfection to your audio at the recording studios in St. Louis. Underlined with the experience and emotions the locals feel for the place.

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Expect the Unexpected

Remember that when you are recording in nature, everything will not go according to your plan. You may have planned on recording a certain sound at a particular place, but you may not be able to capture it perfectly from that place. So, you may need to make a lot of adjustments until you get the right place for recording. Moreover, you may sometimes discover an unexpected sound that would be quite interesting. So, nature surprises us in many ways, and you will truly feel its magic when you go out in the field recording.

Spend Time Researching

Something that you should research before you go out on field recording is meteorological conditions. You should check out when it will rain, what the wind direction would be, and other things, as this can help you make the right decisions, like your recording spot, microphone orientation, and much more. When you have information about avoiding unwanted sounds, your days will be quite seamless when you are recording in the field. You should also check out physical geography, such as where there is a water source, hilly region, etc. You can also find out information about when there will be some kind of celebrations, holidays, or weekend activities, as these activities can affect the recording process and may make it difficult for you to record in peace.

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