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8 Ways to Prepare for a Vocal Session

Recording your voice for the first or nth time at a recording studio in St Louis?

Now, during our years of experience at our recording studio, we have seen experienced vocalists fumble during the recording sessions because they didn’t prepare efficiently.

Recording your voice is always a challenging task. It is very stressful because a lot of different factors affect the recording session. It can be external factors such as the lack of the right recording equipment at the studio or some internal factors such as your vocal health, mindset, and more.

So, before you set foot in the recording studio for a vocal session, here are 8 tips that will help you prepare effectively.

Practice by Recording Yourself

Have you ever heard a voice note you sent to someone? Did you like your voice in that note? Definitely not! Most people hate their voice in recordings especially if they are not used to it.

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Since microphones pick up to finer details of your voice, a recorded voice sounds very different than what you would imagine. Hence, getting used to your recorded voice makes you more comfortable and confident.

And recording yourself is very simple. All you need is a laptop, a microphone, an audio interface, a headphone, and recording software. There are several online software available to choose from.

Rest and Improve Vocal Health

It is highly important to rest and improve your vocal health before your recording session. Tiredness can affect the quality of your voice and thus the recording. Hence, make sure to sleep for 7-8 hours for two consecutive nights before your recording session. To avoid the build-up of excess mucus, reflux and dehydration, avoid drinking dairy, coffee, and alcohol before a recording session. Don’t rehearse extensively two days before your recording session.

Choose the Right Time to Book the Studio

Recording studios in St Louis Missouri will offer different booking timings for a vocal session. However, choose a time that suits your voice. At a time when you are most energized, and your voice is completely warmed up will be best to record your vocals.

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For example, vocalists usually avoid early morning recordings because one’s voice takes a few hours to completely open and warm up. So, find a time that suits you and your voice.

Do Some Warm-Up Exercises

Okay, maybe this is not your first recording session. And you are extremely sure of hitting the high notes with ease. But doing some vocal warm-up exercises can help boost your vocal performance. It will help you open your vocal cords and thus your voice effectively. This will also help keep your voice sharp for longer.

Emotion and Delivery

Do you put more focus on your vocal imperfections rather than emotions and delivery of the song? If so, you aren’t helping your recording session in any way. Try to relax and avoid feeling too much pressure of performing the song.

If you try to be a perfectionist, you won’t be able to connect with the song emotionally and may find it difficult to deliver effectively.

Vocal Session Limit

When you book a vocal session at any recording studios St Louis MO, make sure to limit it to three-four hours a day. Your voice will be fatigued after 3 hours of constant vocal recordings. And if you strain your voice beyond that you would just waste your time and money without anything fruitful. Also, it will hurt your vocal cords.

Prepare Your Recording Material

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Whether it is a song, voiceover material, or jingle, it is always better to prepare before the vocal session. It will be beneficial to memorize your recording materials such as lyrics or dialogues. This will help you connect with the recording material and deliver it for an effective vocal session.

Love, Love, Love Your Voice

Even after putting so much effort and preparing for your vocal session, if you don’t love your recorded voice, everything goes in vain. If you want to take up singing or voiceover as a profession, you need to learn to love your voice. This brings us to the very 1st point in this blog post. The best way to love your voice is by recording yourself while you are practicing in your home studio.

Once you start loving your voice, you can work on improving the imperfections of your voice. You can also try to experiment with your singing technique. So,learn to love your voice to have an effective vocal session.

Bottom Line

Vocal sessions can be overwhelming and stressful. However, there are different ways you can prepare for it.

If you want more guidance, tips, and tricks on effective vocal recording sessions, make sure to keep following our blog.

We at Kalinga Production Studios offer the finest recording services to vocal artists in St Louis. With our high-tech recording studio, you can expect quality services.

Contact our team now to know more.


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