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How to Add Authenticity to a Cover

Imagine listening to a song for the first time and liking it immediately. There must be something that stays with you even after you finish hearing the song. This is the magic of great lyrics and outstanding execution. The same kind of magic can be created if someone records a cover version of a song. It makes the listeners fall in love with the song all over again and may also positively impact their minds about the singer of the cover version. This is because a lot of execution and planning goes into creating the perfect version of an already popular song at a recording studio in St. Louis. But if you manage to do it perfectly, you can surely impress your audience and get them hooked to your music. But how can you add authenticity to a cover? We have listed some ways below.

Focus on Your Style

The first thing you need to consider before recording a cover version is understanding your style. You should not focus on perfecting the song and creating a replica of what has already been popular. Instead, you should try and understand your style and how it can fit into the cover version of the song. Embrace your imperfections and let them show through when you record the cover song at a recording studio in St. Louis, as this will add authenticity to the song and give the audience a reason to love the music you have created.

Play Around with the Lyrics

When you are creating a cover version of a song, you do not need to keep the lyrics as it is. Instead, you get the freedom to change the lyrics however you would like. You can remove some lyrics to make the song crisper or can also add new lines to change the perspective of the song. For instance, if some lines show a negative perspective, you can change them to create a positive one. It completely depends on your creativity and what you want the song to sound like in the end. The outcome depends a lot on the lyrics.

Alter the Tone of the Song

The tone of the song does not need to be exactly the same like the original version. Instead, you can give a darker tone to a softer song or vice versa according to what you want to go for. This would give the audience a completely new perspective and they can enjoy the song even more as it will have a freshness to it. There are various cover versions with different tones that the audience has enjoyed a lot because of the change of tone. So, you can play around with the tone and adjust it according to your wish.

Go for Different Instrumentation

When you are recording a cover version, you can also change the instrumentation of the song. For instance, you may have a particular style and may always go for the same kind of instrumentation. So, when you are recording a cover version, you do not need to change your choice of instrumentation because of it. You can use what you always use, and that can also surprise the audience as it will create a completely different vibe than the original version. Instrumentation plays a huge role in how the song sounds. So, playing around with it is a great idea.

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