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How To Efficiently Set Up Your Studio Monitors

When you are working in a recording studio in St. Louis, it is crucial to understand how you can place the studio monitors with perfection. The studio monitors are quite costly and can help improve the sound to a huge extent. So, when working around studio monitors, it is important to understand how you can set them up with perfection. There are certain aspects that you need to take care of to place your studio monitors efficiently. Let’s find out some tips that can help you with this.

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Studio Monitors

Desk placement

The desk setup should be placed away from the walls and should not be present in any corner. If you place them near the walls, the sound may hit them and come back to you. So, this will cause hindrance in your work. You should keep the monitors around 8 to 10 inches away from the wall. Even if you are working in a comparatively tiny room, you should prefer this as this can make it easier for you to get the best results in recording studios in St. Louis.


You can surely experiment as much as you want with the orientation of the monitors. This will help you find just the right sound that can be perfect for the room you are working in. A lot of manufacturers say that you should not horizontally place your monitor. So, if you enjoy having a horizontal monitor, you should check its specifications and they should mirror each other.

Complete setup

The setup should be placed in such a manner that you can get a balanced listening experience. The speakers should be placed at an equal distance from each other in your room. The distance between the speakers from the back and the side wall should be the same for both of them. This will help you get an accurate listening experience. But the distance from the back and the side walls should be different and not the same.

High-frequency driver height

When the sounds are of high frequency, they can be comparatively more directional. So, if the high-frequency sounds are directed toward your ear, you will surely hear them more efficiently. You should create a triangle that consists of the monitors and your head. This way, you can rest assured that your ears are equally distant from everything and are also at the same level as the tweeters. If you notice that the tweeters are higher, you can try to invert the speakers as this will bring the tweeters to a lower level.

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Recording Studio Monitors

Monitor stands

When you place the monitors on the desk, the sounds can bounce from the surface. This can result in a messed-up mix because of the interfering noises. So, if you place the speakers on the level of your ear, there will be no reflections and you will get an overall satisfactory listening experience. Apart from this, you can also invest in isolation pads that are made from foam or rubber. They can be helpful for absorbing vibrations if you have placed the speaker on a hard surface. They are available at cost-effective prices too.

Whenever you are listening to any mix from the monitors, you will surely want to get the most exceptional sound. So, you need to find that sweet spot that will offer you the most outstanding listening experience. This will only be possible if you find the perfect position for your monitors.

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