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How to Protect Your Ears as a Sound Artist

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

If you are an audio professional, you may be slightly concerned about your hearing and health. You may be listening to music for long periods, but this can also affect your ears adversely. When you are in a recording studio in St. Louis working on your new project, you should remember a few best practices for taking care of your ears.

Avoid Mixing at High-Volume for Too Long

One thing that cannot be emphasized enough is not listening to music at a high volume for too long. When you are mixing, your ears are exposed to loud sounds. Sometimes, it can cause ear fatigue and can affect your hearing. You should keep the volume low when you are mixing. The key is to mix at a volume over which you can listen to what anyone is saying and have a conversation without shouting.

Go to ENT for Earwax Buildup

A lot of people would advise you to clean your ears using a Q-tip. But the issue can worsen if you push the wax into the ear canal instead of taking it out. This can affect your hearing to a great extent and may even cause a blockage. You may go for some DIY treatments to get rid of earwax. But there can be some issues with such treatments. So, you should visit a healthcare professional to get a checkup done and remove the ear wax that’s building up with the right techniques. This way, you will not hurt yourself while cleaning your ears.

Use Protective Earplugs When You Are at Concerts

You should try to have a pair of earplugs handy when you visit loud places such as a concert, a nightclub, or even cinemas. This can reduce the noise to a huge extent and would surely be a great practice for you when you are further in your music career. Make sure to keep the earplugs clean, so there is no bacteria buildup on them, and enjoy the loud music without any harsh side effects.

Pay Attention to Your Hearing Ability

The next time you are in recording studios in St. Louis, pay attention to how you listen to things. If you find it difficult to listen clearly then it may be a sign that your ears require attention. You should visit a medical professional as soon as possible because when you are in the music industry, you simply cannot let your ears get affected. You should not avoid these problems and always find a solution with the help of a medical professional. They may prescribe you some medications to find relief or may even suggest some treatments. Take their advice seriously and go for the right treatment as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Take Care of Your Health

When you are an audio professional, sometimes your creative juices start flowing and you may forget about eating the right food or getting to sleep on time. This may not have any effect immediately but can cause a lot of harmful effects on your health in the long run. You should try to sleep on time and have regular nutritious meals while also working out at least 4 to 5 days a week. When you improve your overall lifestyle, you will not suffer from any issues, including hearing issues. When you take on a lot of stress, there can be problems like tinnitus. To avoid them, you must take care of your overall health.

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