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Things To Consider While Discussing Post-Production Sound with Directors

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

When working with new directors, it can be difficult to explain the post-production sound process to them. Some directors may not have in-depth knowledge about it and perhaps better understand other aspects such as camera, lighting, etc. But when you’re an audio professional working at a recording studio in St. Louis, you must explain everything properly to anyone willing to learn, so that you can deliver an outstanding experience to them. You should be as patient with them as possible and clear all doubts throughout the process. This way, they will get an unforgettable experience and consider you for future projects as well.

Let Them Describe it on Their Own

When you are working on the project, you should first understand their vision. You should ask them to describe the project in their own words. Make sure to understand every word they say and also pay attention to their communication style. What are some of the key phrases that they use? These things can help you relate to the story and make sure you respond in a similar language. No matter how much time it takes, you should ensure to understand their ideas properly. This would help them trust you, and you trust them when you are collaborating on the project. You should not just tell them your style of working. Instead, you should make them confident by letting them share their vision.

Craft You’re Approach According to Their Experience

Every director is unique, and their experience will also be unique. A Director may not have worked with several post-production sound teams till now. So, you should make sure to craft your approach in such a way that it matches their experience level. This way, they will be comfortable while working with you. You should help a director understand the different stages of the post-production process. You can assist them wherever they find it difficult to understand things. So, please do not assume that they will surely know the basics, and try explaining it to them in a way the catered to them. Ask as many questions as you can and also answer their questions patiently.

Figure Out Their Style of Working

Not every director will be as involved in the post-production process. Some may be very involved, while others just give you minimal advice. So, when you start working with a director, understand their working style. Understand if they want you to work independently or wish to be involved in every idea before it is implemented. Once you figure out their style of working, tailor your approach according to it. This may become easier for you once you start working with directors regularly. But when you are working together for the first time, you need to spend time to understand their working style so that the outcome is perfect and does not need a lot of changes.

Avoid Technical Language

As a professional, you may want to get technical with your words as soon as you start working. But this should be avoided. You should keep things as creative as you can. Technical language can be great when you work with a sound team at a recording studio in St. Louis. However, when you are discussing ideas with a director, it can be a bad idea. It can confuse them, and they may not be able to share their view comfortably when you use such language. You should make things as simple to understand, as you can, to collaborate successfully. When you are trying to express something, use simpler language. This way, they will efficiently take part in the discussion and will provide you with their insight.

Think From Their Perspective

When you are working with a director, try to understand their perspective as well. They must make thousands of decisions for the project. Directors do not have the right expertise in every area. However, they may have some information about all the aspects, but it may not be enough to understand the technical part. So, you must stand in their shoes and be able to clear their doubts. Moreover, you should try to understand their concerns and what they may expect from you as a sound team. This way, you can understand things in a more complete way and provide the right result every time.

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