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Tips for Marketing on Instagram as a Sound Artist

We are in the era of networking, and we cannot just rely on handing people business cards anymore. So, to take your marketing techniques up a notch, you must rely on Instagram as much as possible. Along with this, you can also advertise on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and much more. So, when you plan to market yourself on Instagram, you need to ensure that you create the right content. There will be various opportunities that may reach out to you because of your community on Instagram. So, you should not underestimate it and should give your 100% to it. It would help if you have recorded great music at a recording studio in St. Louis, but you also need to focus on marketing yourself. You need to optimize your profile so that it stands out and your work benefits as a result.

Marketing on Instagram for Sound Artists

Create a Professional Profile

The first thing that you need to do is check out your username and profile picture. You must enter your expertise also. You should use a good username that helps people know your name. After every word in your name, you can use an underscore or any other symbol. Your profile picture should be a picture that is clear and valid. Your smartphone pictures can also be useful, but ensuring that it matches your brand image is crucial. You should not add any words to your profile picture and keep your personal life away from it. It should be enough to grab the attention of your target audience.

Showcase Your Skills

When you create your profile, you should also include your expertise in your bio. Choose the right keyword that can depict this properly. You should also cover other information such as what you do to help people, proof of your expertise, where you are located, and how to know more about your work. You may be assisting clients in getting the desired results in some way or the other by working at recording studio in St. Louis. So, you can include all these different types of information in your bio. Along with this, you should also include other proofs of your expertise, such as the certificates that you have gathered and the education that you have received. Once you are done with this, you will find your profile to look much more cohesive with your brand and will also seem highly professional.

Marketing on Instagram as a Sound Artist

Connect with People

You can ask your clients to DM you on Instagram for inquiries. You can also include your email in the bio, but they may find it more convenient to DM you instead. So, when they message you about any future project, check out their profile and see if they have done any substantial work. Understand the style and content that they create. Make sure to read all of this efficiently and send a personalized message. You can also go for a voice message, as it will add a personal touch and make you seem quite social. This way, you will become friends with them and will get an opportunity to showcase your personality. You would surely want to collaborate with them in the future too, after the said project is over. For that, creating long-lasting relationships is essential. You should also thank them for connecting with you and complement anything you liked on their profile. This way, you will increase your chances of landing the project.

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