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Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Great Song

When you are trying your hands at writing a great song, it may not be as easy as you may have thought. You need to spend a lot of time and effort researching the right sound and trying to perfect it in every way possible. But a lot of musicians struggle with finding inspiration and don’t always get to the songwriting part.

But if you do not know how to write a song, you should truly be aware of the things that do not matter. You may not write an amazing song in just one go. You need to keep practicing until you finally write a song that you are super confident about. Only then will you be able to record a perfect song in a recording studio in St Louis. But before that, you can try not to commit the following mistakes so that your writing will flow smoother.

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Not Following the Hit Formula

As a budding songwriter and musician, you may want to write a super creative song that's original in every way possible. But when trying to make it big, you should write a song that most people connect with. You should stick to the basics. For that, you need to focus on creating a strong chorus. Once the chorus is created, you can build the other parts based on it. Mostly songwriters take a long time before getting to the chorus. By doing so, you may end up boring your audience, and they may not continue listening to the song. So, you should get to the chorus quickly.

Today, listeners have so many songs available on different platforms that they may not spend a long time waiting for the hook. Hence, you should get to it quickly. While trying to write a great song, you can keep some things in mind. For instance, this song should not be longer than three minutes or shorter than two and a half minutes. This song should be divided into an intro, verse, chorus, and bridge. You should start with the chorus in around 30 seconds.

Ignoring the Latest Trends

What is happening around the world? Music producers should be aware of the latest trends so that they can incorporate them into their songs and create great songs. For this, you need to keep listening to the songs that are in trend right now. This way, you can easily create songs that the audience would more likely enjoy and listen to many times over. When your songs follow the latest trends, you become more relevant to the audience. You should record with studios in St Louis that are following these trends.

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Not Keeping the Audience in Mind

Songwriters often get lost in their writing just because they do not know how to connect with the audience. You may be focusing on writing lyrics that are based on your experiences. But it is essential to make sure that your audience also understands the context of the song. You should depict the emotion in such a way that they understand the theme efficiently. You should first decide the audience that you want to cater to. For instance, you may want to write to friends or lovers. This should be your focus while writing the lyrics. The lyrics should help your listeners connect with the story that you want to depict. They should not find the song to be completely out of context.

Writing Very Complicated Lines

Are you trying to craft a perfect song that has lots of difficult words? This may not seem relatable to the audience since they may not know the meaning of the words. You should keep the songs easy to understand with simple lyrics. You should try to make the lyrics seem conversational. You should try speaking the song loudly and with annunciation. You can also try keeping your lyrics so easy that even fifth-grade students understand them without paying a lot of attention. When the lyrics are easy to understand, your listeners will more likely listen to them completely and remember them.

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