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Songwriters Guide to Landing a Music Publishing Deal

Securing a publishing deal as a songwriter is something you would want to do to make a living from your work. So, if you are working as a songwriter in recording studios in St. Louis Missouri, and need help with this process, check out the guide we have created.

Recording Studios in St. Louis Missouri

What is a songwriting publishing deal?

A publishing deal is an exclusive contract that gives a publishing company the rights to publish the songs. You will not become a staff member of the publisher. Instead, you will get other benefits. You will be asked to write and deliver a specific number of songs or may have some songs released by major label artists. The contracts can be quite short and may not last more than a year if you are new to the industry. When you are under contract, your songs can only be published by the company. So, you should consider this before getting into any kind of contract.

Tips to get a publishing deal:

Learn about the music publishers

Before you connect with the publishers, research properly about them. Check out the style of songwriting they prefer and if they have any similar writers that work like you have. If you have a unique quality, you should try meeting the employees of the publishing company and build relationships with them so that your chances of securing a deal will improve.

Co-write with a signed songwriter

If you want to leave a mark in the publishing world, you can also collaborate with a songwriter who is already signed with a well-known publishing company. This way, you can build relationships with signed artists who can be a great connection for you in the industry. If you co-write a great song with a signed artist, they may even help you connect with their publisher, and this can provide you with various opportunities.

Provide more

When you’re working in the music industry, it is important to be multi-skilled. If you can produce high-quality demos of your songs, it can be even more helpful. Well-produced demos can help showcase the depth of your song and can save some money that your publisher may spend on it. You can connect with recording studios in St. Louis for the same. Your publishers may appreciate you if you can handle several aspects of music production.

Recording Studios in St. Louis Missouri

Release songs independently

You should also release some songs independently, as this will help you showcase your songwriting skills when you connect with publishers. You can also showcase how audiences enjoy your music and can grow your fan base by releasing your music independently. This will help depict how people support and enjoy your work.

Work on your pitch

When you are ready to make your pitch to the publisher, you should ensure to include professional demos that help highlight your songs properly. Professional headshots can also be useful, along with the cover letter that helps depict your professionalism. If you have any websites or platforms where publishers can check out your music, you should give links to them. You can also put some videos of your live performances to showcase your stage presence and highlight any achievements you have made in this field. Do not include any particular names in the pitch, as publishers will be more interested in your work rather than the names. Make sure to showcase your skills beautifully in your pitch.

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